Earth EAR-3/40-C-P

The World's Smallest

Servo Drive.

 Miniature plug-in controller for Brush and Brushless motors.

8-40 Vdc Single Supply, 3 Arms continuous - 6 A peak.

CANOpen (DS402 - DS301) , RS232 and USB for Configuration.

Digital Halls - Single Ended Encoder.

2x General Purpose Inputs, 1x Digital Output

Dimensions: 29.3 mm x 19.8 mm x 12.8 mm


Ultra-low Heat


 It's low power consumption processor altogether with a finely tuned power stage provide best in class heat dissipation.

Easy USB

A USB port altogether with our MotionLab configuration software and auto-tuning feature provides a fast way to configure the drive.

Plug it into

your Application 

 The plug-in design of the drive allows you to easily add the connectors of your choice and embed additional circuitry if it is required.



 The built-in CANopen compliant with DS-402 and RS232 communications allow for fast implementation into your system.



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